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DIY Network Video - Make Videos Like The Pros

Here Are The Tools:

How It Works:
  • Use One True Media to add special effects and create clips to add into your video. 
  • Use Real Player to grab videos off of the web and download them free.
  • Use Movie Maker or iMovie to join/merge clips together and to insert audio into the video
Over the past few years I have been networking and finding new and clever ways to create things without paying any money out.  I have been getting more and more into the film industry and have been promoting different causes through the power of media.

Every now and then, I do invest in certain equipments such as: Computers, Microphones, Cameras etc. However, I have not spent anything on editing software.  

Working With The Free Tools:

  • # Movie Creation Tip 1. 
To start, lets look into movie creation.  To create animations, make a scene on under Adobe Flash Sites. After you have created a scene, capture it using YouCam.  If you own Windows 7, it should come on your computer for free but if you own Windows 8, you will need the YouCam 5 version and that will run $34.95 on the download section.  If your webcam software has what it needs, then go ahead and capture your scene using desktop capture.


  • # Movie Creation Tip 2. 
Here is one more way to create a skit to insert into your video...Use One True Media to make images come alive, add effects and video transitions.

It costs to download what you create, but I know how to get around it.  Once you have created a video,  go to preview then let RealPlayer grab the video and download it.


For best uses, use the RealPlayer Browser.

  • # Movie Creation Tip 3. 
Now let's look into making the edits, plus some tips on the making of a film.

Filming: All videos, movies and short films are all based on a script.  When filming, you must either remember it or have it where you can see it but it must not be in view of the camera.

It does not look professional to have someone holding a piece of paper and reading in off in front of the camera.   

There are three basic types of film: 

  • Movies. Where you tell a story through acting and plays.

  • News Media. It is a practice journalism, both big companies and independent go on air, either on TV or online podcast giving insight to a certain topic.

  • Documentary. Documentary films constitute a broad category of nonfictional motion pictures intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction or maintaining a historical record.

Editing the cuts:  This is your final step in getting your video ready for uploading.  You can use a mixture of scenes, both ones you have filmed and ones you have downloaded from the internet.  

I have found that I don't even have to be in the area of the story to cover it.   All I have to do is gather information from the person via messaging, then collect his or her's videos to make the project.  Then look around YouTube for additional  video clips.  

In my video Featured Causes & Community, I used three different videos to make the scene.
The first clip, the U.S. Money Factory Scene.  The seconded, Mall Shoppers Scene.  Then the third scene, a City Theme all to help give the message. 

Helpful Video Tutorials

Multimedia Tips 2013:

  • # Movie Creation Tip 4. 

Remember to save your downloads for later.

  • Organize your projects into folders.

  • Then make a system so that you can keep organized.

Ok, once you have a system, you are then ready to keep on producing videos independently.
One thing I have learned is that you have to jump in.  I did not know everything at first and I am still learning.
Every video that I do always has come out looking better than the last.  All of these skills come with practice.

I hope that these tips can be of help to all of you newbies out there.  Please free free to ask questions or add some of your advice in the comments below.

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