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YouTube Partnership without applying - 4/12/2012 YouTube linked everyone...

Published on Apr 12, 2012 by
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Razzi | Twitter!/ITZLUPO @ITZLUPO

Today on April 12th 2012 Google or known as YouTube linked all non-partners into the Account Monetization Program AMP. They send out a very deceiving email saying you are a partner but in all reality you will not have the banner or custom thumbnails. More found below.
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Partner in crime -
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Music Information
Artist - Bassnectar
Song - Empathy
Link -

More information about this
Link from Google -
Monetization basics -
Partner Forum Google link -!category-topic/you...

you probably got an email that looked like this
Congratulations User,

Welcome to the YouTube Partner Program! As a YouTube Partner, you can gain access to resources that help you improve your skills, build larger audiences, and monetize your videos. You must have at least one monetized video to be a YouTube Partner.

Visit the Creator Hub to learn about the latest Partner news and other resources.

Have fun and good luck,

The YouTube Partner Team



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